Family & Aesthetic Dental Care
at South Elkhorn Village
4383 Old Harrodsburg Rd. #140
Lexington, KY 40513
(Behind Ramsey’s Restaurant)
We Accept Most
Dental Insurance!

elcome and thank you for your interest in Dentistry by Dr. Erin Caylor. We are proud of our patient-centered practice philosophy and would like to share our promise with you. Our mission is to provide you and your family with the best oral health care available and support you in maintaining your healthy beautiful smile.

Your oral health needs are unique and we will cater to you as an individual. A state of the art facility, the latest in dental technology, and a relaxing friendly environment are just a few aspects that set this dental practice apart from the rest. Our caring and knowledgeable staff will ensure you have the best dental experience possible. No judgment, just a fresh start beginning with preventative care. Your oral health matters to us and we promise an experience that will make you smile!

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